HI-FI system in nexia
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You know already more than in wheels I'm interested in the music in my car:)) So here is small guide how to make a mobile disco in the Nexia :)

For the beginning the basic of quality aparature is a quality radio. As a best mark I see Alpine corp., which is unavailable for many of us because of high price, so we will stand at the models cca to 10 000 CZK (almost 380 Euro). The best is the Pioneer 3600MP with MP3 player, I think. It cost almost 6500 CZK (almost 200 Euro) - May 2004, and it ... it has no competitor.

When we have a radio we have to choice one pair, better 2 pairs of speakers. It depends on brand of course, but the primary factor for the choice is quality/price ratio. I don't like Sony speakers, so I wouldn't take them. But for example Helix or Magnat brands are good choice.

If you buy the speakers, check the RMS value. That tells us what is a long-term power output. For example if there is written 220W MAX on the box it's a maximal power output. But what we're interested in is RMS - it's "only" 110W.

The most usual are koaxial and komponental speakers. Koaxials are "oneparted", componented are built from 2 parts, where the smaller one is treble and the bigger one covers basses and the middles. Theese are mostly mounted to the front where the driver sits and treble speakers are adjustable exactly in direction to driver. That's the reason why they are integrated to the front columnes or "to the mirrors".


Speakers are also divided by perimeter.
Original Nexia speakers are 10cm in the front and 13cm in the rear.

I've changed those front speakers, but they haven't that much power I'd like ;-) so they'll go away and I'll get other, much better ones!! I want Helix Blue 52, 13cm component speakers . There is a problem with Nexia, there cannot be a bigger speakers in the doors if you haven't the power windows. This is exactly my case. So I can get there 13cm speakers only, power windows owners are lucky :o) They can easily get 16 or 17cm speakers. They just have to make some wooden "pads" at least 1-2cm high, because bigger speakers are deeper of course !!

So we will put the speakers into the doors and we will get speaker inside the original speaker hole, under the grid cover. To avoid the vibrations in the doors you have to fill it with some vibration-absorbing material called "Tappajomat". You can get it on www.autohifi.cz - the Tappaja member.
Rear speakers are mostly installed to the rear board under the rear glass and I reccomend the oval forms, for example 9x6 speakers.
An original rear board is not bad, but when you hear the speakers built from a MDF (as I have) :o) you would really want those and nothing else. MDF material is similar to a chipboard and that's why it sounds great.

When you have 4 speakers and quality radio you can consider it as good and invest no more to the music.
But if you have ever heard speakers connected to the amplifier, you surely know it isn't done without an amplifier :)
So, if we have 4 speakers it's better to buy an 4 channel amplifier and connect it to all 4 speakers. A problem rises (occurs) when we get a subwoofer in the car. For that one I recommends to buy 2 amplifiers and connect the 4 channel to the rear speakers and the subwoofer and that 2 channel to the front speakers.

If you have the amplilifier in your car you have to buy a quality cables and even better with the fuses case. The Cable + (plus) have to be connected to the battery (+) in an engine bay and - (minus) to the ground (-).
The cables from the radio are under the sills. There are the terminals ready for them and the cables will be held well in them ;-)
When you have 4 speakers, amplifier and subwoofer in your car, we can say it will play slightly:)) Of course it depends on the power of the components!!

Thanks to Blue Lanos for administration fhotos of helix blue and his bald doors :))

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