How to make white background in the apparatus
Autor: milosh <milosh(at)>, Téma: Tech, Vydáno dne: 19. 04. 2004

Sure you already thought on it that it have to be cool to have this "clocks" except seriously black color in the whice color.

The method is easy, you need only download some patterns and print it on some quality paper which isn't so strenght, because you have to se something in the dark on it :) If it will be on the carton paper you will see almost nothing.

We are still speculating with Ivan how to find a better way than tis, but maybe it will be purpose for somebody.

An examples are here:

Clocks with a current meter - 1 2

Clocks without a current meter - HERE

Clocks in the Corel Draw programme - in ZIP formate - HERE


On the Poland's web are some examples free for download, for example in green color.