Instalation of a fog light switch
Autor: milosh <milosh(at)>, Téma: Tech, Vydáno dne: 21. 03. 2004

Installation of a switch:

See a picture (bottom side with the connectors).

1 minus delivery
2 output of a switch (here connect the fog light relay)
3 connect with 2 (it will light up an orange indicator of closure switch)
4 plus from dashboard lighting (it lights up a switch to see it in the dark :-)
5 plus input (from the fuses, weak fuses are enough, because fog lights are closures through the relay)
6 minus

wiring in a car is such as:

on 1 connected minus from another switch or a body, next on 6
on 2 connected coil of relay, 2 else connected with 3
on 4 connected plus from lighting of another switch, next on 5 (in order that fog lights turn off after the turn off the parking lights)
all is possible control with a low power because the fog lights have to be connected over the relay,
so the switch serves only for the relay control